Important Relationship tips everyone need in their life


The four crucial habits of happy couples:

  1. Never leave without saying good bye.
  2. Talk face-to-face everyday.
  3.  Say ‘i love you’.
  4. Surprise each other.

when a man truly loves you:

  1. He will accept you as you are.
  2. He will ask you for help.
  3. You will his priority.
  4. He will laugh with you, never at you.
  5. he will support you.
  6. he will encourage you to be independent.
  7. He will always find time for you.

7 Steps  to a happier relationship:

  1. Support each other.
  2. Be attentive.
  3. Give them time to be alone.
  4. Don’t criticize or condemn.
  5. Share your worries and concern.
  6. Learn to forgive and forget.
  7. Never give up even if you don’t succeed.

Remember this when you think someone is avoiding you…

  1. Just may be, they are not actually avoiding you. perhaps they are simply, distracted by sudden changes in their lives.
  2. Working hard to make ends meet, or busy navigating difficult situations.
  3. Too exhausted for socializing. Struggling with illness or family problems.
  4. Tired of pretending that everything’s fine, when in fact they are struggling just to keep their head above water.
  5. Don’t judge people when you don’t know the truth.

7 Secrets of happy relationship:

  1. Be yourself and be sincere.
  2. Express your feelings.
  3. Give each other space
  4. Be positive.
  5. Respect each other.
  6. Create memories together.
  7. Make your lives a fairly tale.

6 Things we can learn from happy couple:

  1. Happy couple don’t stop caring about each other even when they’ve had argument.
  2. They have common interests and pursuits.
  3. They don’t notice each other’s drawbacks..
  4. They say nice things without a reason to do so. like, to the best housewife in the world.
  5. They miss each other even when they’re not apart for very long.
  6. At the same time, each of them has their personal space.

What the pose you fall asleep in says about you relationship

  1. The honeymoon: The pose that lovers who have only just started dating sleep in.
  2. The point of contact: The pose used by couples that respect each other’s personal space.
  3. Dialogue: This is the position that couples with a strong spiritual connection sleep in.
  4. A strong shoulder: A pose used by couples that care about each other.
  5. Touching the leg: Couple who love harmony and trust sleep like this.
  6. The little spoons: This pose indicates a harmonious and passionate relationship


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