Belly fat reduced at Home by Simple and Instant Exercise

exercise for reduce belly fat

Nowadays, people seem struggling with belly fat. Belly Fat problems are becoming common these days. One must need to put some control over his diet in order to maintain his health.

If a person is having an extra diet then he must need to burn all the extra calories otherwise the extra calories his body getting from the extra diet will only enhance the fat in his body. The enhancing fat will further enhance the level of getting some diseases. So in this way fat is the thing everybody seems struggling hard with. Having the fat in any part of the body may make you look ugly. Extra fat can be reduced by doing some exercises but to reduce the belly fat is something that required a lot of efforts. It is not easy at all to reduce the fat from the belly part.

Since everybody is busy in his daily life schedule everybody is unable to give his time to exercise and the result is they are facing the belly fat. So in today’s article, we are going to provide you with the best and simplest exercises you can do at your convenient place i.e your home and that too without any much efforts. know more

These are some exercise to reduce belly fat

  1. Stretch your stomach and pull your knees in:

Stretch belly exercise for reduce belly fatsleep and stretch belly ecercise for reduce belly fat

This exercise can be done easily at your home. In this exercise sit in the chair by taking the back support of the chair. Now lift your both legs in the upward direction in order to pull your knees. And also make sure that you are stretching your stomach because it is necessary to stretch your stomach. And repeat this step around 15 times and feel you belly fat reduced in few days.

2. Knee Lifts:

Knee lift exercise for reduce belly fat

This is the another simplest exercise you can do at your home easily and reduce your belly fat. In this exercise first sit on a bench, stretching your legs straight, with having your knees in the air which means your feet should not touch the floor surface.

After that now sit straight by bending your knees and your feet touching the floor surface. Now perform the exercise, hold the bench or chair and lend little back. Now take a breath in and lift your legs in the upward direction and bring them to close near your chest.  Crunch the upper part of the body in the forward direction and release the breath you held and bring your feet in the rest position means to touch the floor surface with your feet. Keep repeating this step in the sets of 3 having 15 reps each.

3. Touch the feet or floor exercise:

Toe touch exercise for reduce belly fat

This is the 3rd simplest exercise you can do easily without any much efforts. In this exercise sit straight on the chair by placing your feet flat on the surface of the floor. Now stretch your both arms in the horizontal direction. Now bend your body in order to touch your right feet with your left arm. Make sure while touching your right feet with your left arm your left leg should not be kept in the bent direction also stretch it to the straight. After touching repeat the step on the left leg with the right arm and similarly while doing this stretch your right leg in the straight direction (as shown in the picture). Repeat this step in the sets of 3 having 15 reps each and feel you belly fat reduced in few days/weeks. you shouldn’t do this in the morning.


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